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imgContemporary medicine focuses mainly on treatments based upon both clinical acumen and biomedical diagnostics. An important clinical problem is the assessment, control and maintenance of the functional capacity of a relatively healthy person, a child's state during the dynamic growth phase and the sick during remission. Therefore, the search for an easy, cost effective method and associated criteria for objective evaluation of health status for both relatively healthy people (RHP) and sick patients appears intuitively obvious and necessary.


Several questionnaires which address particular aspects of the human clinical state are available. Health quality can be well estimated by measuring a number of physiological parameters. However, these questionnaires have several restrictions: a) they are unsuitable for small children; b) they strongly depend upon cultural and other factors of the people questioned.

Therefore, the development of a user-friendly, inexpensive method for objective instrumental evaluation and control of one's energy and stress levels is highly desirable. One solution is the GDV technique.


imgThe development of methods allowing to predict the performances of athletes at the competition is the most important and ambitious task in sports. The presence of such an effective method could help coaches to make the right choice of players for the upcoming tournament and could significantly improve the team performance at the competitions.

People and in particular athletes are the most complex energy and information systems whose state depends on a number of factors. Quite often even professional athletes happen to perform poor, and if this athlete is a member of the team, this may lead to bad performance of the whole team. The reason for the poor performance of a player is determined by his/her poor physiological condition, which may affect such seemingly not related to the professional activity factors as turmoil in his personal or family life, emotional exhaustion from other kinds of activity, poor diet, overtraining in the preparatory phase to the competition, etc.


Gas-discharge visualization method (GDV) for the assessment of the human stress and energy condition is actively developed in recent years in the world and especially in Russia to determine the energetic (functional) state of athletes takes into account the influence of many negative factors to the stress and energy state of an athlete. These peculiarities of the GDV technique makes it an invaluable assessment tool in sports. Other advantages of the GDV technique include ease of use, noninvasive and very short time for analysis, which is very important in the case of sport applications, since athletes often emotionally overwhelmed at the competition and do not have 2 enough time and energy for long and complex laboratory studies, which can further overload their emotional state.


Stress is a complex factor that has both an emotional component (anxiety) and a somatic component that results from prolonged exposure to permanent anxiety. Stress has very strong impact on the Energy Field. Images look very specific. Let us see several examples.

As you see the image is very disordered and hollow. This has nothing to do with health condition, but permanent stress and anxiety may have very negative implication to wellness.

Another example of much-stressed person. After seeing this image, person understood that this condition might have very negative effect. Person started a course of meditation and special anti-stress therapy. In a half a year situation changed dramatically (see below)

Being relived by the effect person proceeded with therapy and half a year later improvement became even more clear (see below)

This is a good example how you may follow up transformation of your condition under the influence of different treatment.

From many years of experience in using Energy Field analysis, we may conclude that the aim of any therapy, exercise or treatment should be improvement of the Energy Field image. This is a clear indication of the positive effect of a therapy. This may take some time – we should not always expect immediate effect, but in long run Energy Field should become uniform and balanced.

At the same time, very big Energy Field is not always an indication of good health. As any wellness related parameter, the Energy Field should be in some range. This situation may be tricky – only specially trained professionals can give detailed interpretation of the GDV images.


It is well known that people fell differently depending on environmental situation. In some places you sleep like a baby and wake up full of energy; in other places you have wonderful dreams and travel in beautiful places while you sleep. However, already since thousands of years, the existence of specifc locations where people do not sleep well, get sick more easily, or where performance is lower has been empirically known. What is the difference between all these places? Very little is known in Western science. It is clear that combinations of different causes compose the phenomenon. This is a combination of the influence from the Earth – underground anomalies, hollows, water streams; gases in the atmosphere, both natural and industrial; electromagnetic background; and the influence from the Universe, Sun, Moon and Cosmic rays. Now it is practically impossible to distinguish between all these factors, so we need a common denominator to evaluate the overall situation in the particular place. Only rudimental evidence is available today, if such zones could be measured using accepted physical apparatus.

Bio-Well instrument gives you such an opportunity. Many years of research confirmed the idea that it allows to evaluate the Energy situation in the environment. Expeditions to different parts of the world: Peru, Colombia, India, Myanmar, Siberia, and many others demonstrated sensitivity of the instrument for evaluating environment. Scientifc background has been developed and published in per-review journals, patents have been granted in several countries, and now this instrument has become available for public use.

You need to take measurement for at least 30 min (BW 1.0) or 6 min (BW 2.0); the maximum time is not limited. In a calm, peaceful environment, after initial setting for about 3 minutes signal becomes quite stable (see graph below).

In the Geoactive zone variations of the energy may be very high. Graph below demonstrate the energy variation outside and inside the crop circle in England in summer 2006. As you see, outside the crop circle energy was quite stable, while inside it was increasing during all the time of measurement

Same way you may detect the change of energy during sunrise and sunset, or coming sunder storm. In parallel, you can measure transformation of the Human Energy Field – of yourself and other people. This way you will see you own reaction to the changes in environment. A lot of data are presented in the book by K. Korotkov “The Energy of Space” which may be found on Amazon.com.